Many times we have looked online for different solutions to fix our computer problems without having the appropriate knowledge. Sometimes we get lucky and fix the issue, other times we make the issues worse. Most of the time, it’s better to have a computer repair specialist look at your PC. However, we are here to help! Please remember if you are not comfortable with any of this you can bring us your computer and we will take care of you!

Here are three basic things you can check before taking your computer in to get serviced.

If your computer is not turning on check the main power cable going to the computer. This is usually located on the back of the computer ether up top or on the bottom. If it is plugged into a surge protector, make sure the surge protector is on and working. You can make sure it’s working by plugging in a fan or light and turning that device on. Try turning on the computer again, if it is still not working head to step 2.

Usually when diagnosing a computer problem we like to only have the essential devices plugged in. For example if you have an external hard drive or a usb stick plugged in, unplug them. You should only have your monitor, Keyboard and mouse hooked up. The reason is sometimes if you have a USB / external hard drive plugged in, Windows might try to boot from it. This will cause unwanted issues.

If you are still having computer issues and feel comfortable looking inside your computer. The 1st step would be to unplug the computer from the wall. You never want to work on a computer when it is plugged in. You can damage your computer, or worse get shocked! Once the main power is unplugged you can take the side panel off and look over your internal connections. This would include your hard drive data cable + power cable, Motherboard and CPU power plugs. Make sure they are seated all the way and plugged in.

If you are still having computer problems and these basic tips did not help you. You more than likely need a professional. We know some times its hard to fix a problem when reading information online, that’s why we are here to help. You can bring your Laptop, or desktop in to our Brighton, Michigan location. We are Creative Programs and Systems!

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