The Internet Just Got a Speed Boost

Quic is a general-purpose protocol that transmits data between computers, improves speed and security on the Internet, and can replace Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), a standard that has been in place since 1974 when the Internet began. The group that sets criteria for the global network, dubbed the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), recently published Quic as a standard. For years, web browsers and online services have been testing Quic, but the IETF’s new regulation is a sign the industry is mature enough to fully embrace the technology.

Data transmission is a fundamental aspect of the Internet; countless devices, programs, and services are built to use earlier infrastructure, which has lasted for decades. Since Google first announced Quic in 2013, it has been an experimental addition to the Chrome browser and has been in public development.

The Internet needs updates to keep worldwide communication and commerce buzzing, which is why engineers spend time developing transitions such as Quic. This colossal upgrade cuts the wait for web search results by as much as eight percent on computers and four percent on phones. Video buffering dropped to eighteen percent for computer users and fifteen percent on mobile.

Jana Iyengar, an engineer who helped lead Quic standardization at Fastly, said, “The internet transport ecosystem has just been ossified for decades now. Quic is poised to lead the charge on the next generation of internet innovations.”

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is one of the main protocols of the Internet that oversees how data is sent from one device to another. TCP and Quic work together with Internet Protocol (IP) to function properly. TCP regulates how data is distributed into segments individually addressed, sent across the Internet, then reassembled at the other end. TCP has many jobs, but managing established connections and recovering lost data packets is of utmost importance.

Quic was created to do similar tasks in a more efficient manner. It can quickly set up encrypted connections and handle network changes with ease.

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