A new integration will allow Microsoft Teams users to access Meta’s Workplace updates without switching screens. The two companies also plan to enable streaming video calls directly from Workplace soon.

Workplace, which has more than seven million paid subscribers, plans to support Teams on the Meta Portal video device. A Workplace app for Teams can be pinned to either the side navigation or added as a tab. Workplace content can be marked by Teams admins to garner attention from teammates. Users can also drag Workplace content into a Teams channel and react to Workplace posts within Teams.

In early 2022, the duo is planning to introduce video integration, which will allow users to view a Teams video call from Workplace. Those using Teams will be able to track views and reactions in both apps.

Ujjwal Singh, head of product at Workplace, said the Teams integration “Will make it easier for people who use both tools for work to keep up to date with information and create even more opportunities for company-wide engagement.”

Jeff Teper, Microsoft Teams CVP for product and engineering, said, “It made sense for us to come together to help our mutual customers unlock collaboration and break down silos within their organizations.”

The new integrations are a no-brainer for Meta since they help to deliver information from Workplace to users. Workplace can reach employees through the Teams newsfeed while also allowing HR leaders to retain control over the communications.

There will undoubtedly be some hiccups; for example, both Teams and Workplace have their own chat functions. The solution for combining or separating chats will be discovered in time.

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