“Why do I even need a blog for my business? People can find me through social media.” Sound familiar? Before we delve into why this statement is incorrect, let’s examine some facts. 

Businesses with regularly updated blogs see 55% more visitors and 67% more inbound links than those without blogs. Content creation is the most effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) technique for companies; the more content you publish, the better your odds of securing conversions. 

Google especially favors websites that share high-quality content with their audience, putting them higher in search rankings. When there is content on your website that Google can index, it swiftly pushes it to the top.

Digital marketing can improve your brand by bringing you to the top of indexed website pages, plain and simple. Blogging is one of the most effortless and economical ways to boost your business to generate new leads. It also helps give you a platform to publish less-competitive keywords. 

Blogs are geared toward getting your company more online visibility. Internet users either find your business by manually typing in your site URL or looking on a search engine. 

Every time you publish a new blog post, it’s an opportunity for your website to appear in search queries, linking your blog post and boosting your SEO. Moreover, content creators are always looking to share information on social media, so your blog could be shared on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. 

Blogs help to accomplish the following for your business: 

  • Brings traffic to your website 
  • Index your website so it can be more easily found
  • Creates company authority
  • Forms a long-term solution for generating leads (even years later)
  • Provides valuable information to your audience, keeping them coming back
  • Gives your company a voice
  • Converts traffic into leads

As you can see, blogs have an incredible impact on the growth of your business. If you are thinking of improving your overall web presence, let our professional digital marketing team at CPS help. We write blogs, and create social media graphic posts, newsletters, and more. Contact us today to get started!

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Written by the digital marketing team at Creative Programs & Systems: https://www.cpsmi.com/

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