When Do You Know Your Computer Issue Needs A Computer Technician?

There are a number of ailments that can curse your PC.  Most computer issues can be troubleshot at home however more complex computer problems may require professional computer repair by a trained technician.  Do-It-Yourself repairs may seem like a solid idea, however, overtime it may make more sense to take it to a computer repair store.

Software and hardware issues can often complicate the process of computer repair.  When Do-It-Yourselfers start digging into their computers they can often have a difficult time getting the pieces put back together. There are some issues that just need an expert’s touch including some of the issues below.

Blue Screen of Death

The most common ailment seen by the experts at CPS have to do with the blue screen of death, commonly referred to as BSOD.  Not only is it the most common issue to see it is also difficult to fix.  When your laptop or desktop computer screen turns blue it means that the PC’s system has experienced something traumatic in which it had to come to a forced, abrupt stop.  More often than not the problem has to do with the computer’s hardware or driver.  This causes a STOP code to appear (the blue screen of death) and the computer shuts down. 

When this occurs the only way to cure this computer ailment is to take it in to a computer repair store for a technician to diagnosis and repair it.  Through a series of computer diagnostic tests, the technician will be able to determine an official computer diagnosis.  Many issues give the Blue Screen of Death Error Code.  Depending on the error code your computer is displaying, the pc troubleshooting steps differ.  This is one of the reasons it is so important to take it into a computer repair technician over fixing it on your own.

Graphical Errors

Another common issue that is known to occur when you turn on your computer is that the screen is a muddled mess.  Graphical errors may be common, but the necessary fix isn’t always which is why you should take it into a computer repair store for repair and diagnosis.  Graphic issues are most often associated with software.  If your screen looks distorted and the images are not displaying correctly it is time to take your PC in for diagnosis. 

The technician will run some tests to determine if it is a software issue as sometimes a graphic disruption can involve a video card driver. A computer repair technician will have the capabilities to troubleshoot graphical errors.

Other common computer issues that occur which require a pc technician include blank monitors, operating system errors, virus warnings, and such.  Contact the technical professionals at Creative Programs and Systems for any and all of your computer repair issues

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The Importance of a YouTube Presence for The Success of Any Business

With the creation of television came the start of an era where technology including video would rule how we gather information.  This advancement and the progress of technology since has increased the effects that video has in building a successful marketing campaign.  Video technology is without a doubt a powerful source when impacting consumers decisions.  Engaging video content influences its audience and therefore is a necessary element when creating a complete digital marketing campaign

Thankfully for the marketers of today there is a cost-effective source to introduce your brand via video, YouTube.  YouTube video creation isn’t a new concept however the way it fits into a digital marketing strategy is. Long gone are the days of lengthy videos with production crews and long hours editing and in with technology that makes video creation affordable and simple. 

You know longer need a Hollywood produced video to launch your brand, low barriers to enter the video market have made it possible to start launching videos at just pennies of what it once did.  Videos can be something simple as snap shots of how products are made or something as simple as snippets of working with clients.  Slideshow videos or one person showcasing your company or their project, it is all about offering something unique to your clients. 

Ever heard of “going viral”?  Your videos need to be watched so our job as marketers is to create something people will want to watch.  One drawback to the ease at which YouTube videos can be created is that the market becomes saturated.  In order for your business to stand out amongst the crowd it is crucial that videos are created that speak to consumers by sharing a quick, memorable snippet that reaches your audience and persuades them to seek more information.  When this is achieved you are one more step closer to digital marketing success. 

Creating A YouTube Presence

YouTube is a terrific platform for companies looking to advertise.  Previous advertising efforts involved the creation of commercials and finding channels which were deemed to share similar target audiences.  Of course, there was more too it but essentially the goal was to have your companies’ video/commercial reach people that were interested in what was being offered.  The problem however was that the reach of the video was based on an educated guess. Thankfully, we no longer have to operate like this.

YouTube however let you target your audience not only through online videos but ad placement as well.  When a user watch’s a topic specific they are then shown ads related to that; this is known as placement based on contextual user intent.  

Another method of targeting is based on online behaviors.  Ads and videos will use the search history and website cookies of the user to show more ads and videos related to the topic. 

Sometimes the best way to target an audience is based on the user’s demographics and geographic information.  Videos and ads will be shown to individuals within a specific region despite recent searches or videos that have been watched. 

Because of these qualities and more, YouTube is an essential element in all digital marketing strategies.  In order to grow your business and online presence it is important to become a recognizable fixture in this online fixture. 

Creative Programs and Systems, CPS, is an all-inclusive IT solutions company offering a variety of services including: managed IT services, IT consulting, residential computer services, custom programming, website design, iphone & android app development, and more.  More information can be found at https://cpsmi.com.

Improving Your Business With Google Ads

Google Ads is a form of paid advertising through the search engine, Google.  Ads are shown to users based on their searches.  The major benefit of using Google Ads is that consumers are seeing ads targeted to their searches while they are actively searching for your good or service.  Google Ads makes up for over 40% of the digital ad revenue for the entire world. 

Internet presence makes or breaks businesses throughout a number of industries.  Marketing professionals must transition from traditional marketing methods to digital marketing methods such as Google Ads to preserver. This situation makes the internet cluttered with intense competition.  Both businesses and consumers rely on the internet in making purchasing decision, product research, and more.

Benefits Google Ads Can Have on Your Business

Improved Brand Awareness

In the past brand awareness between business and consumers came from a variety of methods including newspaper, billboards, radio, and television advertisements.  This was a great method of marketing between business and consumers however left business to business advertising suffering.  Digital marketing, specifically through Google Ads, has transformed the way in which we create brand awareness within the marketplace.

Google Ads allows brands to advertise to targeted audiences that are researching specific products or services using specific keywords or keyword phrases that relate to the advertising business. Brand awareness is one of the many benefits businesses have advertising on Google Display and Search networks.

Quicker Than SEO

Google Ads works faster than search engine optimization.  SEO is a slow, methodically way in which to increase your organic presence online.  For businesses looking for a long-term presence within search engine rankings benefit from a combination of both organic and paid advertising.  Google Ads allows businesses to pay for visibility in the form of Google Ads amongst top competitors.   They allow your business to advertise directly to a target audience that is actively seeking out your products or services. 

Google Ads brings brand awareness about faster than traditional SEO methods.  There is a tremendous amount of competition with paid advertising.  The benefit however is that the business owner is in complete control of the amount they are willing to bid for top positions of their ads. A number of elements go into the amount each of the clicks on your ads will cost as well as the position at which your ad will sit on Google Search Networks or Google Display Networks.  These include: Keywords Quality Score, Ad Relevancy, Landing Page Relevancy, and Expected Click Through Rate.

Google Ads is beneficial for a number of reasons including:

  • The Ability to Outrank Competitors Ads
  • The Ability to Influence Audiences to Make a Purchase
  • The Ability to Increase Brand Visibility to a Targeted Audience
  • The Ability to Test Variations of Ads and Keywords
  • The Ability to Create Different Campaigns and Strategies Based on User Demographics
  • The Ability to Schedule Ads to Reach Targeted Audiences at the Right Time
  • The Ability to Remarket to Audiences Who Have Showed Interest

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Can An IT Consultant Benefit Your Business?

Business of all shapes and sizes have begun to realize the importance of hiring consultants in the drive to grow their businesses.  A consultant is a person who offers expert advice for an hourly fee.  Often, they have a niche in which they specialize and can provide their expertise along with an outside perspective. Consultants give businesses opportunities to increase their productivity and expand business opportunities.  

One area many companies seek to hire consultants is the world of IT.  Information Technology has changed the way in which society as a whole operates thus its importance in business has increased as well.  IT services transform how businesses operate.  IT consultants are brought in to help businesses keep up with the latest trends in technology.  Efficiency is a key element in business.  IT consultants implement technology throughout business applications to increase effectiveness in all areas of your company.

The Benefits of Hiring IT Consultants in Business

Hiring an IT consultant allows you to focus clearly on core business functions.  There is no doubt that employees are at their best when they are allowed to focus on their intended position.  This is true no matter what industry you are in.  From Teachers to Doctors, Sanitation Specialist to Engineers, when you are allowed to concentrate on your job and only your job, you will be more successful.  Nothing is more frustrating for employees and business owners alike to be distracted from what they are supposed to be doing to focus on a task that is not relevant to them such as technology repair or upgrades.  Hiring an IT consultant allows associates to focus on their core job which increases your bottom line.

Hiring an IT consultant allows you to benefit from a specialist.  Yes, having an IT department does have benefits, when your printer stops printing there is someone on site to instantly handle the issue.  However, the same person that knows how to fix your printer, reboot your computer, and can handle the ins and outs of your current system are not the same as a consultant that comes in, evaluates the overall system and based on experience recommends more efficient solutions to common, everyday operations.  Experienced IT consulting services have likely helped many companies in similar situations to yours.  Having an industry expert guiding your business increases your success while offering you peace of mind.

Hiring an IT consultant allows you to get an outside perspective on your business functions.  We all get stuck in doing things the way in which we have always done them.  For years you may have tracked inventory using pen and paper then inputting it into a program.  This doesn’t mean that this is the most efficient method or even a method that keeps up with the way in which businesses are operating today.  An outside consultant views your business from a whole new perspective than individuals who are immersed in it daily and used to doing things a set way.

Hiring an IT consultant is cost effective. The main “job” of any consultant is to reduce costs and increase efficiency.  Full-time employees are expensive and require a full-time salary, benefits, a work space, and so on.  Consultants on the other hand, are normally hired when a known problem exists and needs to be solved within a very specific time frame which is more cost effective and a better use of employee time.

The list of benefits that come from hiring an IT consultant can go on and on.  If you find that your business has become stagnant and you are looking for growth, hiring a consultant may be just what your business needs.

Creative Programs and Systems, CPS, is an all-inclusive IT solutions company offering a variety of services including: managed IT services, IT consulting, residential computer services, custom programming, website design, iphone & android app development, and more.  More information can be found at https://cpsmi.com.

Key Benefits in Android App Development

There are a number of operating systems that drive mobile devices. When working with clients, mobile app developers must determine what platform to target their app towards unless of course, they have the resources to develop for multiple platforms simultaneously.  The operating systems that your app is programmed for will determine the success or failure of your app.  Android, iOS Apple, Windows, and Blackberry operating systems are all popular platforms.  In this installment we will look into the benefits of programming for Android app development


Android Apps are developed using Java language in program.  Java is a language that can easily be ported to additional mobile operating systems such as Chrome OS, Ubuntu, Symbian, Windows 10 and Blackberry. 

Android Studio

The Android Studio is superb software application that is offers comprehensive services to programmers.  It is specifically designed for Android development and allows for quick and efficient set up of Android Apps.


As mentioned above Android Apps are developed using Java. Java is a programming language that is used in a number of operating systems and a variety of devices.  Programming in Java allows Apps to easily be integrated on other operating systems such as Windows and Linux whereas iOS development is done in Objective C or Swift.

Google Play

Google Android Apps are easily deployed to the Google Play store.  On most occasions they are able to be downloaded by users in hours after being put on Google Play.  Another feature of the Google Play store is nice is that developers are able to release apps as an alpha and/or beta release. Doing this allows the app to be released only to select members or a group of testers. 

Ease of Entry

Android App development can be done on Windows, Mac, and Linux.  A one-time fee of $25 allows individuals to register as an app developer on the Google Play Store whereas development on the Apple App store requires a yearly fee of $99. 


Both Android and iPhone Apps are profitable, and both offer the ability for users to make the initial app purchase and in-app purchases. 

Creative Programs and Systems, CPS, is an all-inclusive IT solutions company offering a variety of services including: managed IT services, IT consulting, residential computer services, custom programming, website design, iphone & android app development, and more.  More information can be found at https://cpsmi.com.

Types of Network Infrastructures Explained

Network infrastructures are the mainstay of businesses today.  They are used to connect workstations together in a way that allows data to be shared with one another, it allows workstations the ability to access the internet, print documents, download attachments from emails, and so much more. Instead of managing a number of devices spread across different locations, networks can manage the same duties from just a handful of gadgets. 

This is a guide on different network infrastructures that are used in business today and how they are used.

(PAN) Personal Area Network

A minimalist approach to building a network is known as a personal area network.  They are usually comprised of a wireless modem, a workstation or two, telephones, printers, scanners, tablets, and such.  The devices are all centered around one workstation.

(LAN) Local Area Network

The most common type of network that is installed is known as a local area network.  It is commonly used in businesses and is one of the most modest types of networks.  A LAN joins workstations and other low-voltage devices within a location or group of locations in a close vicinity of one another, allowing them to share information and resources.  Often a company will employ an individual (s) or outsource an individual(s) to manage their network services.  A router connects the LAN to wide area networks, WAN, that quickly and securely transmit data. 

(WLAN) Wireless Local Area Network

Much like a LAN, WLANs use wireless network technology like WiFi.  This type of network does not require devices to rely on tangible cables to join together the network.  A LAN unlike a WLAN requires the use of physical cables.

(CAN) Campus Area Network

A campus area network is larger than a LAN however smaller than a MAN.  A CAN is typical for use at schools, universities and medium sized businesses.  Resources can be shared throughout several buildings that are close to one another. 

(MAN) Metropolitan Area Network

A MAN incorporates features from both LANs and WANs.  A metropolitan area network is effective throughout a geographic location such as a town, city, or sometimes even large university campuses.  There is usually one owner, either an individual or company, that maintains the network

(WAN) Wide Area Network

Wide area networks are more complex than a LAN.  WANs are used to connect workstations throughout a larger physical area.  Workstations and low voltage devices are connected remotely to one another using a larger network to communicate.  This type of network can work across several miles. 

The most familiar WAN is the Internet.  The internet connects computers throughout the globe.  A WAN’s has the ability to reach a great distance.  They are most often owned, operated, and maintained by more than one administrator. 

Other types of networks include:

  • (SAN) Storage-Area Network
  • (SAN) System-Area Network
  • (POLAN) Passive Optical Local Area Network
  • (EPN) Enterprise Private Network
  • (VPN) Virtual Private Network

Creative Programs and Systems, CPS, is an all-inclusive IT solutions company offering a variety of services including: managed IT services, IT consulting, residential computer services, custom programming, website design, iphone & android app development, and more.  More information can be found at https://cpsmi.com.

SEO Trends That Will Increase Website Visibility in the Coming Year

One of the most noticeable trends changing the way we optimize websites for search engine recognition is the use of Voice Search.  It is predicted that by the year 2020 more than thirty percent of all website sessions will be done without the use of a screen.  How is that possible, you ask?  Voice-only search offers the user the opportunity to “look” at the information contained on the web without scrolling through sites on a PC or mobile device.   Voice technology will be a key element in the success of online companies in the future.

What Exactly Is Voice Search Technology?

The most well-known source using voice technology is Amazon Alexa

Instead of typing keywords into a search query, users speak into a device.  The gadget then returns audio search results based on the spoken query.  The precision in which audio technology recognizes what a user is saying is unbelievable.  Although many of us are just being introduced to voice search technology it is not new.  Speech to text programs and voice dialing have been in use for years.

How Are Digital Marketing Efforts Being Affected by Voice Recognition?

The use of voice search will radically increase the search experience.  Search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will begin to place a higher importance on voice search optimization.   As we know the point of SEO is to rank websites so that when users enter a search query, either by text or voice search, the most relevant content is pulled up first.  It is important that digital marketing experts account for both voice search optimization and traditional optimization in their websites.  Being that the two are very different it is crucial to understand that some factors that affect traditional rankings may or may not have a similar effect on voice searches.  Below are some tips to help balance the two very different search engine optimization strategies.

Tips for Voice Search Optimization

Voice search users are most often searching for a purpose, to complete a certain action. Most voice searchers want a song to play, a product to be purchased, or specific information to be gathered.  No matter your intention, Google uses a similar algorithm to rank sites which include the following:

Website Loading Speed

Google voice search, like traditional searches, favors websites that load quickly.  It is important that your site is responsive and functions properly on mobile devices.  All images used on the site need to be optimized, files must all be compressed, and other tasks that speed up traditional websites.

Write Content How You Speak

When a user searches for content on a PC or mobile device, they often use short phrases or long-tailed keywords, think of the phrases you use in bullet points.  If you want to find a roofer, many users will type in the keyword phrase “roofing contractors near me”.  However, in a voice search the user may ask “Who is the best roofing contractor to install my roof’.  For your content to be optimized correctly for both traditional SEO and voice search, it is crucial to include naturally sounding, long-tailed keywords in combination with short, snappy keywords.  Make the content easy to comprehend, content should be written at a 9th grade reading level or below for maximum comprehension.

  Aim for your website content to range between 1850 and 2500 with a combination of short and long form content.

Use Blocks of Content

Featured snippets are a summary of the website pages content.  A snippet will appear after paid advertising and before organic listings.  Content should be optimized and identifiable as a snippet.  It must summarize the entire pages information, be placed above the fold, and include fewer than 29 words.  Content that optimizes with header tags, lists, and bullet points are more easily read by search engines.  Featured snippets should include long-tailed keyword phrases.

Focus on Local Searches

Location based content accounts for over twenty-two percent of voice search queries.  Websites that consider local content and phrases including a “near me”, “close to me”, “within a couple of miles”, and so on.

Creative Programs and Systems, CPS, is an all-inclusive IT solutions company offering a variety of services including: managed IT services, IT consulting, residential computer services, custom programming, website design, iphone & android app development, and more.  More information can be found at https://cpsmi.com.

Is It Necessary to Hire a Professional Programmer When Developing an Apple iPhone App?

Do you think that you have the next big idea for an app for the Apple iPhone?  Are you interested in developing and marketing it to the masses?  If this describes you, we have some helpful advice.  First and foremost, unless you are a professional mobile app developer it is important that you team up with an experienced iPhone developer like Creative Programs & Systems to help you bring your iPhone app design into reality. 

Benefits of Professional Mobile iPhone iOS App Development

Mobile apps are being used more and more by a variety of industries as a way to connect companies to clients in a reliable and efficient manner.  iPhone apps have a variety of purposes including fun, education, medical, financial, health, planning, and more.  If you have a mobile app idea and the ability to promote it, you will find a market that is looking for exactly what you are developing.

Hiring for iPhone App Development

As you already know the iPhone is a tool that many of us cannot live without.  It provides us with the latest technology, delivering a number of functions and features that make our everyday lives simpler.  A fun fact is that the Apple App Store is the largest throughout the whole world.  Many industry experts surmise that Apple is the main contributor in the success and constant advancements in the mobile app industry.  To venture alone into the maze of apps available in the iTunes store would simply be detrimental.  To make your mark on an already crowded market a professionally designed mobile app starts you out in the right direction.

It is almost impossible for novice app designers to keep pace with the industry and its changes.  The professional team of iPhone app experts at CPS are up to date on the latest industry news, tech updates, and will work directly with you to develop your iPhone app. 

Another benefit of working with a trained iPhone app programmer is that your app is developed according to your deadlines and within the budget that you set forth.  This is not always easily handled when you are working in your spare time on getting your new app launched.  It is also very difficult for novice app designers to create a faultless app that integrates itself the abundance of features on the iPhone.  This allows the best of your app to be show cased without unnecessary adaptations that take extra time, money, and effort to create. 

Finding the Right Developer to Create Your iPhone App

With an ever-booming industry such as mobile app development you are sure to find thousands of companies claiming to be iPhone app experts specializing in all the aspects of iPhone development.  Your goal is to find a professional that fits your need.  Some developers prefer to clients to be hands off throughout the process while others are super excited to work with you to bring the app you envision to life. Below are some steps you can take to help you find the perfect fit for your project.

  • Before signing the dotted line of that proposal take time to go through the company’s portfolio and previous experience.  Take time to upload, review, and analyze previous mobile apps that have been developed.
  • Seek out the opinion of previous clients.
  • Register as an Apple Developer.  This allows the company you are working with to work on your behalf throughout the submission process.  It guarantees at the end that you are the sole owner of the app.
  • Having a confidentiality agreement in place is crucial.  It may even be in your best interest to seek a non-disclosure agreement.
  • Work directly with the developer so that your expectations are clear.  Chart out the different requirements within the app so that a goal of what you hope to achieve is understood.
  • Take time to look into similar apps within the Apple Store.  How are they priced?  Did they have an introductory price during their initial launch?  How does your app differ?  What ways will you achieve promoting your app? 

The better prepared you are the better.  Being able to clearly define what you want and what you expect at the end allows for better communication which allows your dream to become a reality sooner.

Creative Programs and Systems, CPS, is an all-inclusive IT solutions company offering a variety of services including: managed IT services, IT consulting, residential computer services, custom programming, website design, iphone & android app development, and more.  More information can be found at https://cpsmi.com.

Networking Services Create Continuity Between Household Technologies

Very few of us have ever experienced a time without computers, cell phones, Netflix, and the likes.  No longer are we looking for homes with big backyards but instead homes that have access to high speed internet and cable.  Our generation experiences things differently than past generations.  We desire reliable home networking, we want to be connected at all times.  In order to do this, we need methods to distribute audio, video, and data throughout our entire home, as we would the networks in our workplaces.  We accomplish this through structured cabling, also known as low-voltage wiring, that is professionally installed to allow the technology within our homes to work together.

Home networking allows our private collection of devices (computers, phones, gaming consoles, printers, and more) to connect to one another through a router or switch thus creating a local network.  A network within your home creates an environment where your devices are able to communicate with one another.  This leads to endless opportunities such as media streaming, network backup, multi-player gaming, and more. 

Without any knowledge on how to network your devices the process of connecting all the pieces together can seem daunting.  There are many companies, like Creative Programs and Systems, that offer both residential and commercial networking services, including structured cable installation.  There are a number of devices that are at the center of connecting devices within your home or business alike.  Routers, switches, and modems are all equally important entities in creating an efficient network. 

  • Modem: A modem is a device that can either be rented through your internet service provider or you can purchase your own.   A modem turns their network signal, which runs through a phone line, copper coaxial, or glass fiber, into a normally accepted computer network signal.  For some generations this connection came from the modem dialing into a telephone in order to establish a connection.  You could hear the connection trying to be established back in the day, today’s connections are silent and operate over a different infrastructure then a landline telephone.
  • Router: The router is a central point of contact between the devices within your network and the internet connection that is provided by your modem.  In some cases, the modem will be built directly into the router.  If you have both a separate router and modem, the router will plug into the modem with an ethernet cable plugged into the Wide Area Network, WAN port on the router.
  • Switch: A switch is used to extend your network.  It takes one port and turns it into many.  Switches can be purchased in a number of sizes from 4 ports to 24.  Most switches that are used in networking homes are unmanaged, which means you just plug them in, and they are already configured correctly.  Managed switches are mainly installed in commercial settings where different priorities are assigned depending on their importance.

Not only are there a variety of devices used to centrally connect your home there are different types of network connections. 

  • Ethernet/LAN: The physical cables that plug into your router or switch into a LAN port are known as providing a LAN or Ethernet network.  LAN cables can be run up to 100 meters without any lag in performance.  The only factor that really limits this connection is messy cabling between doorways and through walls.
  • Wi-Fi/Wireless LAN: This type of connections functions similar to Ethernet or LAN without the need for cables.  Instead the connection occurs through radio waves and doesn’t require messy cables.

There are also several methods of connecting to the internet including: Dial-Up, DSL, Cable, satellite, and USB dongle.  A lot of different pieces need to come together to create a flawless system when it comes to creating a home network.  The professionals at CPS specialize in both commercial and residential networking including structured cabling installation.

Creative Programs and Systems, CPS, is an all-inclusive IT solutions company offering a variety of services including: managed IT services, IT consulting, residential computer services, custom programming, website design, iphone & android app development, and more.  More information can be found at https://cpsmi.com.

Why Should We Use Outsourced IT Support Services?

There are a number of reasons company’s, big and small, choose to outsource their IT needs to a company that specializes in IT services rather than employ in-house IT support.  One of the biggest reasons company’s do anything is because of money and this is no exception.  The costs associated with an in-house IT department outweighs the major benefit of their familiarity with the ins and outs of the company.  Outsourced IT services allow companies to continue to focus on their position within their own industry instead of worrying about issues outside their fields. 

Making the decision to use an outsourced IT company, like Creative Programs & Systems, has a number of benefits including:

Improved Cost Management

Companies that are just starting up and even those small to medium sized that are established consistently attempt to shrink costs associated with operations. Outsourced IT support teams allow organizations to put a consistent budget in place vs the unpredictability of expenses that occur from in-house IT.  Companies that maintain in-house IT support end up sustaining unpredictable expenses including training, upgrades, maintenance, and equipment purchases. 

With expenses popping up out of thin air, companies have difficulty budgeting for unexpected IT costs that come from an in-house department. A new custom server can cost companies thousands of dollars if it needs to be replaced.  IT employee turnover and training expenses can really hurt a company’s budget as well.  When expenses pop up out of nowhere, they can severely hinder company operations. 

Sourcing IT services to companies that specialize in IT consulting allows companies to have a better handle on their monthly expenses.  The other benefit is the knowledge possessed by IT specialists who work within a number of different organizations.  They are more likely to have seen and know how to correct issues quickly when they arise. 

Increased Security

Your company’s security is one of the most important elements.  Not only do most companies work with highly sensitive industry data, they also have a lot of client data to protect.  The last thing you want is to leave your company data vulnerable. 

Company’s specializing in IT deal with hackers on a daily basis.  They are more familiar than in-house support teams with the techniques that are currently being used to breach crucial company data.  Hackers are unscrupulous and use a combination of social engineering and black hat methods to steal confidential information. Outsourced IT specialists offer a faster, more efficient, thorough approach to IT security throughout your organization.

Data Disaster Recovery

No matter if you experience a disaster from natural sources such as tornados, fire, or floods or a virtual data disaster the most important element remains keeping your business data secure and accessible.  Let’s face it, most companies are not well equipped to face either.  Disaster can strike at any moment.  It is important that in a situation where your companies is experiencing some type of disaster that you are back up and running sooner rather than later.  Hiring outsourced IT professionals allows you the peace of mind that when and if a disaster occurs, they will have you back up and running quicker than any in house IT department ever could.  Outsourced IT specialists spend time keeping up on all of the latest and greatest back up technologies.  Since disaster recovery is something that IT specialists manage for more than one client you can rest assured that they will have the best solution to help you avoid a catastrophic data disaster.

Added Resources

The last thing you can afford when starting a new company and handling the competition is to waste time handling IT related issues.  Newer companies need this time to develop their company, establish clients, and expand on their companies marketing strategy.   When you outsource IT the valuable time resource is yours to use focusing on customers, products, and marketing.

Outsourcing IT allows you to dedicate extra time to your growing business.  It frees up internal company resources to find additional business opportunities and increasing relevance within the industry.  Leave the direction of the IT side of your company to the specialists.  Thus leaving you and your team of specialists to focus on your budding business knowing that your growing IT needs are being professionally managed.

Creative Programs and Systems, CPS, is an all-inclusive IT solutions company offering a variety of services including: managed IT services, IT consulting, residential computer services, custom programming, website design, iphone & android app development, and more.  More information can be found at https://cpsmi.com.