As the weather starts to cool down and the crisp fall breeze fills the air, pool owners slowly begin to close them until the following year. Perhaps any ideas of renovating a pool go by the wayside; once the pool is closed, there might not be a second thought about it until spring. As the weather warms up and the pool is reopened in spring, many owners are suddenly reminded of the renovations they thought about last year. Instead of missing out on valuable pool time, they push the idea off another year…and the cycle repeats itself.

Thankfully, there is a way to remedy this trend. Instead of suffering through deferred maintenance, autumn is the ideal time to give your pool a facelift. Why? Read on…

First, a fall pool remodel minimizes the amount of time lost using your pool during peak season. When a pool is under construction, it’s decommissioned until the project is completed. In Michigan, outdoor pools are generally not in use during the winter anyway, so it’s a win-win.

Home improvements of any kind are typically anticipated to be quick and seamless, but that’s not always the case. In the summer, construction crews can sometimes be pressed for time due to several circumstances. The fall relieves many of those weights as the pool will not be in high demand, and the construction team will have time to focus on the project at-hand. The best part? The pool will be beautiful and ready to use in the spring – like magic!

Lastly, many homeowners replace or refresh plants, shrubs, and other landscape features around their pools in the fall. If the homeowner is considering refreshing the green area around the pool, a fall-time renovation is a perfect opportunity to ensure everything coexists beautifully. Minor pool updates such as tile and coping usually do not affect the landscape, but that might not be the case with a more extensive remodel. With potential heavy machinery and crews on the premises, it’s wise to schedule both backyard updates simultaneously; the refreshed landscaping and pool renovation will complement each other nicely.

Looking to renovate your pool this fall or thinking about how it can be updated before next season? Contact the experts at Pound Pool to schedule a consultation today.

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