This month big news has hit the medical radiation industry with the partnership between Siemens Healthineers and Varian Medical Systems. Although, according to the German stock market, little change has been observed with Siemens AG, and Varian has made it very clear that Siemens is ready to revolutionize the industry to a new set of standards very soon.

One of the most evident benefits is the strength in adding additional mature products and hardware to the already robust lineup that Varian is well known for in the market. In 2019, Varian’s business held 55% of the global installed base, and with combining the two companies, this move alone will create a product line no other competitor will be able to match. Secondly, the new joint plans will allow for Siemens’ growth to offset the gradual decrease of demand for its imaging modality business (MRI, CT). Lastly, as a company, Varian has grown to a size that, without further investment in operations and new market channels, would not be successful, so this opportunity will allow them to grow and remain steadfast in this sector.

The hardware aspect has gained the most attention with the real jewel being that Siemens possesses its software business, hitting almost $600 million in sales during 2019. Recent plans for Siemens have begun channeling its digital strategy to tap into the most significant challenges that most healthcare providers are struggling with today. This newly formed partnership will allow a radiation therapy linac fleet management system that no other vendor can offer or compete. Read this article to learn more about the three substantial benefits of this merger.

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