Carpal Tunnel is prevalent in today’s society; people typically associate the syndrome with years of heavy typing, computer use, and other office tasks. However, Carpal Tunnel can affect anyone who performs repetitive hand movements. Approximately 500,000 people undergo surgery each year; it is one of the most common hand operations. Thankfully, there are ways to prevent Carpal Tunnel by reducing the amount of pressure on your hands and wrists.

  1. Stretch Often
    A few hand stretches per day helps to loosen up ligaments and tendons. Make a fist with your hand, then extend your fingers until they point straight out. Repeat this process ten times. To modify this stretch, you can also fan your fingers out horizontally as far as you can.
  2. Be Ambidextrous
    Try to use your non-dominant hand to pick up or transfer objects, open doors, hold drinking cups, etc. This helps reduce pressure on your dominant hand due to repetitive movements.
  3. Loosen Grip
    Most people don’t realize they are over-exerting their hands when they write/hold a pen or pencil, type on a keyboard, hold a steering wheel, use tools, and other everyday tasks. Try to loosen your grip on these objects.
  4. Stay Warm
    Cold climates or environments can contribute to pain and stiffness. If necessary, warm up your surroundings by turning up the thermostat, use a space heater, or wear fingerless gloves while working. The heat will help stimulate blood flow, thus improving circulation and keeping hands and wrists loose.
  5. Maintain Posture
    One of the simplest ways to prevent Carpal Tunnel is to maintain proper posture. When slouching, your shoulders pull your neck and shoulder muscles forward, which causes the nerves to tighten. This domino-effect also affects your hands and wrists.

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