A brand-new linear accelerator can cost upwards of four million dollars, which is why many places will choose to purchase a refurbished one to meet their needs.  There is nothing wrong with most refurbished linear accelerators, but as with most things, when you purchase used, you must use an abundance of caution.

Here is what you want to look for when purchasing a refurbished linear accelerator:

Software and Hardware

Each refurbished linear accelerator comes with software and hardware, and it helps if you are familiar with it all before you begin the purchasing process.  You will not want to purchase a refurbished linear accelerator that does not meet your current needs due to the fact that it does not have the software or hardware components that you are looking for.

Know What Has Been Refurbished

There are many parts of linear accelerators that can be refurbished, and you will want to know if those items were mechanical, electrical, or cosmetic.  While all three categories should be checked on the machines, to see if any repairs are needed and that everything is operational, it doesn’t mean that there is always something seriously wrong with them.  Instead, the process can ensure that the linear accelerators are in excellent working order and lists exactly what items need to be repaired or replaced.

See if the Refurbished Linear Accelerator Received Routine Maintenance and Servicing

Records that show that a refurbished linear accelerator was carefully maintained and serviced when it was in use may not guarantee that it will work better than any other refurbished linear accelerator, but it does show that it was well taken care of.  That means that there is a better chance that there will not be any surprise issues right after the purchase.

Accessories that are Included

Certain accessories can ensure that a refurbished linear accelerator works better than those that do not have specific accessories.  A few of the accessories that you should look for include a water chiller, power conditioner, in-room monitoring system, and patient positioning lasers.  If you can find a refurbished linear accelerator that includes these accessories, you can save yourself even more money.

Always Get an Inspection of the Refurbished Linear Accelerator Before Purchasing

Anyone that doesn’t want you to have a professional inspection done on the refurbished linear accelerator that they are selling you is trying to hide something major and that should be your first clue to walk away quickly.  An inspection can show any inadequacies of the linear accelerator as well as any repairs that need to be made before it can be used.

You won’t need to worry about being scammed when purchasing a refurbished linear accelerator as long as you take your time and know what you are looking for as you are going through the purchase process.  If you are unsure of certain things, talk to other professionals as you are going through the process for input and guidance.

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