Medical equipment has evolved enormously over the past half a century. In addition to entirely new machines, new improved versions of older equipment keep being introduced all the time.  So there arises a constant need to shift old equipment to a different location and commission the latest version in your premises. Also, more and more medical facilities are coming up across the world making it frequently necessary to install a complete new set of medical equipment.

Handling medical equipment is no simple matter. The equipment can be quite bulky in size as it has to accommodate the patient, who is being examined or treated. It is usually quite delicate too. A machine from the technologically advanced era is bound to have many electrical, electronic and digital aspects. The equipment often has many separate parts. And medical equipment is almost always quite costly. So it has to be handled carefully so that it is spared any damage, even a small one, during transport and installation. Obviously, we need specialized experts to install and commission all new medical equipment.

A linear accelerator facilitates external radiation treatment for cancer patients. It can treat every organ of the human body. A linear accelerator is a big machine. Relocating linear accelerators is a job best left to the experts who specialize in such jobs. They will be able to de-install the equipment at the present site, pack it in the right type of crates designed for the equipment, transport them to the new site, care specifically for each part of the accelerator during the entire process, reinstall it at the new site, commission it and test it adequately to ensure that it is functioning properly.

Relocating CT scanners is again a job that should be entrusted to people who are logistic specialists in the field. It is a large machine. It prepares pictures of parts of the patient’s body using X-rays, while the patient is lying on the CT scanner table. The scanners are computerized. Any such relocation needs a well-informed agency equipped with proper packing and transporting amenities handled by experts familiar with the machine.

The oncology branch of medicine involves prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of all types of cancer. It uses an extensive range of equipment including various types of radiation equipment. So relocating oncology equipment becomes a specialized job that demands experts in that field. These experts not only have a clear idea about the machine they are handling but they also have the right type of system to perform the job in the best and quickest possible way.

Relocating medical equipment has become a complicated job, needing a group of specialized persons to handle it. Such groups know the job thoroughly and have the means to handle the process competently. They also ensure that they do the job in the least possible time, and without disrupting the other functioning of the medical unit. Many of such groups can work in post-office hours and through the night so that the unit functions normally most of the time.

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