A cutting-edge, wireless handheld ultrasound device called Vscan Air provides crystal clear image technology, whole-body scanning capability, and intuitive software.

In 2010, GE Healthcare announced the first color pocket-sized ultrasound called Vscan and has since continued to provide innovation in terms of clinician-patient relationships. Today, over 30,000 Vscan family systems are in use worldwide, impacting more than 50 million patients.

The Vscan Air is GE Healthcare’s latest product that facilitates and transforms the clinical exam by making it easier to acquire high-quality ultrasound images.

Kyle Leonard, M.D., family medicine clinician at Hudson Headwaters Health Network in Upstate New York, said, “The first time I fired up the Vscan Air it did feel a little bit like stepping into the future. Many of us are pressed to see patients, to give patients that access to care, so the more time something takes, the less patients I can provide access to in a day. With the portability and ease of use of the Vscan Air, I can bring it with me throughout the day in each exam room and spend more time with my patients.”

Handheld ultrasound has become an essential tool for clinicians worldwide, as they are treating many critically ill patients with limited staff, time, and resources. The Vscan Air will allow clinicians to rapidly collect images and triage patients while also providing the benefits of portability, cleanliness, and efficiency.

Yale Tung-Chen, M.D., Chief of the Division of Ultrasound in Internal Medicine at Hospital Universitario Puerta de Hierro, Majadahonda in Madrid Spain, said, “Time is one of the most valuable resources in this pandemic-challenged world, where so many patients need care. Now, I can carry Vscan Air in my coat pocket, take it out, and start to scan. With this powerful tool in my pocket, I can perform a complete examination on my patients and make decisions quickly right at the bedside. The images you can get of the heart on this handheld device are similar to what you’d get from a full-sized, high-end ultrasound. Vscan Air is a well-designed, powerful tool that’s easy to clean and easy to use.”


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