Health care equipment costs are continuing to increase. The high cost of medical equipment required for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of various diseases makes every medical care unit pause to think about the purchase and create a plan to manage the financial side of buying equipment.

When planning to acquire any medical equipment, the points which need proper consideration and evaluation are as follows.

  • The type of equipment needed
  • The budget for medical equipment
  • The cost of each individual piece
  • The cost of maintaining the equipment
  • The possibility of purchasing refurbished medical equipment
  • The ability to acquire a machine with reduced capacity

Once all of these things are taken into consideration it is important that the medical facility choose the right partner to finance the deal to make sure you are getting the most bang for your dollar.

Check into Alternatives

While considering financing options for medical equipment such as linear accelerators and CT scanners facilities may have to think about all affordable alternatives available because equipment is costly and a high part of the total cost of new projects within the hospital.  It is also important to note that the equipment is also not simple or inexpensive to operate.  This encourages the emergence of the refurbished medical equipment industry.

There are a number of reasons to consider refurbished medical equipment.  If the number of patients that you will be seeing and treating is significantly high facilities may want to consider a brand new linear accelerator.  If the number of patients is starting small, in hopes for the expansion of services the choice to find a high quality refurbished linear accelerator.

Buying or financing a refurbished piece reduces the burden on the overall budget for the project, will allow you to treat more patients while working to expand the size of your medical facility and treat your patients better by using those extra financial resources that have been saved by not purchasing new medical equipment.

Financing Companies

Once the decision has been made to purchase a new or refurbished medical device facilities should seek the help of the right financing company for the project.  There are a number of companies that will help you to reach the right decision on the right piece of equipment for your facilities needs.  They guarantee the latest state of the art version of the equipment of international standards, the newest upgrades, complete transportation and set up of the equipment, testing, and training of the personnel to ensure that the equipment is ready for use.  The financer is there to back you in case of any operational or maintenance difficulty.

Many finance companies also allow for a partial initial payment and deferred or regular installments later to enable companies to manage their budgets well.  Many of them offer a completely customized project to specifically meet your needs.  They also offer to handle the complicated tax implications in such a way that the facility will only have to pay the minimum required taxes.

Leasing Equipment

Financing oncology equipment again requires a plan on lines similar to financing for new or refurbished linear accelerators.  The only difference is that the cost of other oncology equipment may not be as high as linear accelerators or CT scanners.  Medical facilities can be more at ease when planning to lease or purchase less costly equipment.

There are many financing companies that offer a turnkey project, financial incentives, training, and maintenance back-up deferred payments.  It is even possible to lease equipment.  This reduces the capital requirement and allows medical facilities flexibility in their healthcare venture.  Some of them offer terms that enable facilities to pay for the equipment from the fees that are collected by treating patients with that equipment.

Another advantage in financing linear accelerators or other oncology equipment is that the facility will be disciplined in their profession. Medical facilities will think more carefully about what is needed right now verse what can be put on hold for a bit.  Facilities learn to handle their finances knowing the exact time and amount due.

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