As if being diagnosed with any form of cancer isn’t hard enough, you also are required to work tirelessly with your doctor to sort through a wide range of treatment to help you decide on the best treatment options.  Putting in place a plan that will increase your survival odds and meet your medical budget too is of the utmost importance once a cancer diagnosis has been given. In order to make a realistic decision, it’s important to keep in mind the type of cancer you have, the stage of cancer, and how likely any of the cancer treatments will work under the circumstances. Your doctor can talk to you about what to expect from each type of treatment, including the side effects you are likely to experience depending on the effectiveness of the treatment offered.

Cancer treatments are sometimes used in conjunction with one other. It is common to pair surgery or radiation with chemotherapy. In these cases, doctors are likely to either use radiation oncology equipment or linear accelerator equipment, both, which have shown promising results in treating different types of cancer. It is up to you to make decisions regarding your treatment, comparing the benefits and risks of the different cancer treatments.  This will help you decide if the treatment options fall within your goals and how treatments will affect your everyday life.

Considering the financial cost of each treatment is equally important.  Time is of the essence when it comes to treating any form of cancer.  It is important to check into the available options of cancer treatment that are covered by your insurance.  Treatment using linear accelerator equipment, for instance, which is the most commonly used devices to treat cancer, is usually covered by insurance mostly due to the fact that it is a popular method of cancer treatment.

Additionally, the process of receiving radiation treatment is painless.  Apart from side effects such as fatigue and skin irritation, radiation oncology treatment is simple and unproblematic.   Some treatments, like external beam radiation (EBR), have proven to be effective in addressing large tumors.  Radiosurgery is better for smaller tumors and those in the brain. While your doctor can help you decide on which treatment is best for you, do not feel intimidated or afraid of seeking a second opinion. It is your life, after all, and you want the best outcome possible with the fewest treatments possible.

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