What is a LINAC System?

A LINAC system delivers high intensity radiations in the body of patients who suffer from cancer for their treatment. Radiation enters the patient’s body in a precise manner to treat deep-seated tumors. The reason this form of treatment has become popular is because it lessens the overall treatment duration and can more easily pin-point the exact tumor without ruining the surrounding healthy tissue.

LINAC devices, otherwise known as linear accelerators, work by using microwave technology. High energy x-rays are produced by this device by accelerating electrons. When these x-rays exit the machine, they take the shape of the tumor in the patient’s body. A beam is used to direct these x-rays to the tumor. It comes out of gantry; a part of the accelerator.

Factors to Consider for Buying this Machine

If you want to buy such a machine for your hospital, there are certain factors that you need to consider taking the final decision. The topmost factor you need to consider is LINAC system costs. In the recent