New solutions were discovered through a collaboration of partners in radiotherapy. CNERGY is an innovative solution for “Quality Assurance & Safety,” “Precision, Imaging, and Viewing,” “Patient Identification and Monitoring,” and “Advanced Couch Setup and Control.” These solutions were created in response to specific practical issues, employing the latest guaranteed technologies. Joining these forces will deliver synergistic precision and safety for radiologists and patients.

Accurate and safe radiotherapy treatments are achieved using CNERGY Quality Assurance and Safety. Patients are positioned in the most effective way based on image verification or CBCT registration results. This ensures safety margins are reduced around the target and critical organs. The entire workflow is secured using interlocks.

Radiotherapy treatments are unique; with CNERGY Precision, Imaging and Viewing Solutions, the best treatment will be applied. Total body treatments, fast double 2D kV, or MV imaging are all offered under CNERGY’s exclusive Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT) abilities that correctly verify the patient’s position.

A crucial aspect of radiotherapy is Patient Identification and Monitoring. CNERGY ensures the correct patient receives the proper treatment. The most advanced techniques are implemented to help radiotherapy clinics abide by all current regulations.

Advanced Couch Setup and Control is a unique CNERGY solution encompassing six degrees of freedom corrections in clinic settings. The same software and user interface allow patients to be treated easily. No extra workload is needed, so non-stereotactic patients can be positioned with precision.

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