Can An IT Consultant Benefit Your Business?

Business of all shapes and sizes have begun to realize the importance of hiring consultants in the drive to grow their businesses.  A consultant is a person who offers expert advice for an hourly fee.  Often, they have a niche in which they specialize and can provide their expertise along with an outside perspective. Consultants give businesses opportunities to increase their productivity and expand business opportunities.  

One area many companies seek to hire consultants is the world of IT.  Information Technology has changed the way in which society as a whole operates thus its importance in business has increased as well.  IT services transform how businesses operate.  IT consultants are brought in to help businesses keep up with the latest trends in technology.  Efficiency is a key element in business.  IT consultants implement technology throughout business applications to increase effectiveness in all areas of your company.

The Benefits of Hiring IT Consultants in Business

Hiring an IT consultant allows you to focus clearly on core business functions.  There is no doubt that employees are at their best when they are allowed to focus on their intended position.  This is true no matter what industry you are in.  From Teachers to Doctors, Sanitation Specialist to Engineers, when you are allowed to concentrate on your job and only your job, you will be more successful.  Nothing is more frustrating for employees and business owners alike to be distracted from what they are supposed to be doing to focus on a task that is not relevant to them such as technology repair or upgrades.  Hiring an IT consultant allows associates to focus on their core job which increases your bottom line.

Hiring an IT consultant allows you to benefit from a specialist.  Yes, having an IT department does have benefits, when your printer stops printing there is someone on site to instantly handle the issue.  However, the same person that knows how to fix your printer, reboot your computer, and can handle the ins and outs of your current system are not the same as a consultant that comes in, evaluates the overall system and based on experience recommends more efficient solutions to common, everyday operations.  Experienced IT consulting services have likely helped many companies in similar situations to yours.  Having an industry expert guiding your business increases your success while offering you peace of mind.

Hiring an IT consultant allows you to get an outside perspective on your business functions.  We all get stuck in doing things the way in which we have always done them.  For years you may have tracked inventory using pen and paper then inputting it into a program.  This doesn’t mean that this is the most efficient method or even a method that keeps up with the way in which businesses are operating today.  An outside consultant views your business from a whole new perspective than individuals who are immersed in it daily and used to doing things a set way.

Hiring an IT consultant is cost effective. The main “job” of any consultant is to reduce costs and increase efficiency.  Full-time employees are expensive and require a full-time salary, benefits, a work space, and so on.  Consultants on the other hand, are normally hired when a known problem exists and needs to be solved within a very specific time frame which is more cost effective and a better use of employee time.

The list of benefits that come from hiring an IT consultant can go on and on.  If you find that your business has become stagnant and you are looking for growth, hiring a consultant may be just what your business needs.

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Why Should We Use Outsourced IT Support Services?

There are a number of reasons company’s, big and small, choose to outsource their IT needs to a company that specializes in IT services rather than employ in-house IT support.  One of the biggest reasons company’s do anything is because of money and this is no exception.  The costs associated with an in-house IT department outweighs the major benefit of their familiarity with the ins and outs of the company.  Outsourced IT services allow companies to continue to focus on their position within their own industry instead of worrying about issues outside their fields. 

Making the decision to use an outsourced IT company, like Creative Programs & Systems, has a number of benefits including:

Improved Cost Management

Companies that are just starting up and even those small to medium sized that are established consistently attempt to shrink costs associated with operations. Outsourced IT support teams allow organizations to put a consistent budget in place vs the unpredictability of expenses that occur from in-house IT.  Companies that maintain in-house IT support end up sustaining unpredictable expenses including training, upgrades, maintenance, and equipment purchases. 

With expenses popping up out of thin air, companies have difficulty budgeting for unexpected IT costs that come from an in-house department. A new custom server can cost companies thousands of dollars if it needs to be replaced.  IT employee turnover and training expenses can really hurt a company’s budget as well.  When expenses pop up out of nowhere, they can severely hinder company operations. 

Sourcing IT services to companies that specialize in IT consulting allows companies to have a better handle on their monthly expenses.  The other benefit is the knowledge possessed by IT specialists who work within a number of different organizations.  They are more likely to have seen and know how to correct issues quickly when they arise. 

Increased Security

Your company’s security is one of the most important elements.  Not only do most companies work with highly sensitive industry data, they also have a lot of client data to protect.  The last thing you want is to leave your company data vulnerable. 

Company’s specializing in IT deal with hackers on a daily basis.  They are more familiar than in-house support teams with the techniques that are currently being used to breach crucial company data.  Hackers are unscrupulous and use a combination of social engineering and black hat methods to steal confidential information. Outsourced IT specialists offer a faster, more efficient, thorough approach to IT security throughout your organization.

Data Disaster Recovery

No matter if you experience a disaster from natural sources such as tornados, fire, or floods or a virtual data disaster the most important element remains keeping your business data secure and accessible.  Let’s face it, most companies are not well equipped to face either.  Disaster can strike at any moment.  It is important that in a situation where your companies is experiencing some type of disaster that you are back up and running sooner rather than later.  Hiring outsourced IT professionals allows you the peace of mind that when and if a disaster occurs, they will have you back up and running quicker than any in house IT department ever could.  Outsourced IT specialists spend time keeping up on all of the latest and greatest back up technologies.  Since disaster recovery is something that IT specialists manage for more than one client you can rest assured that they will have the best solution to help you avoid a catastrophic data disaster.

Added Resources

The last thing you can afford when starting a new company and handling the competition is to waste time handling IT related issues.  Newer companies need this time to develop their company, establish clients, and expand on their companies marketing strategy.   When you outsource IT the valuable time resource is yours to use focusing on customers, products, and marketing.

Outsourcing IT allows you to dedicate extra time to your growing business.  It frees up internal company resources to find additional business opportunities and increasing relevance within the industry.  Leave the direction of the IT side of your company to the specialists.  Thus leaving you and your team of specialists to focus on your budding business knowing that your growing IT needs are being professionally managed.

Creative Programs and Systems, CPS, is an all-inclusive IT solutions company offering a variety of services including: managed IT services, IT consulting, residential computer services, custom programming, website design, iphone & android app development, and more.  More information can be found at