When Do You Know Your Computer Issue Needs A Computer Technician?

There are a number of ailments that can curse your PC.  Most computer issues can be troubleshot at home however more complex computer problems may require professional computer repair by a trained technician.  Do-It-Yourself repairs may seem like a solid idea, however, overtime it may make more sense to take it to a computer repair store.

Software and hardware issues can often complicate the process of computer repair.  When Do-It-Yourselfers start digging into their computers they can often have a difficult time getting the pieces put back together. There are some issues that just need an expert’s touch including some of the issues below.

Blue Screen of Death

The most common ailment seen by the experts at CPS have to do with the blue screen of death, commonly referred to as BSOD.  Not only is it the most common issue to see it is also difficult to fix.  When your laptop or desktop computer screen turns blue it means that the PC’s system has experienced something traumatic in which it had to come to a forced, abrupt stop.  More often than not the problem has to do with the computer’s hardware or driver.  This causes a STOP code to appear (the blue screen of death) and the computer shuts down. 

When this occurs the only way to cure this computer ailment is to take it in to a computer repair store for a technician to diagnosis and repair it.  Through a series of computer diagnostic tests, the technician will be able to determine an official computer diagnosis.  Many issues give the Blue Screen of Death Error Code.  Depending on the error code your computer is displaying, the pc troubleshooting steps differ.  This is one of the reasons it is so important to take it into a computer repair technician over fixing it on your own.

Graphical Errors

Another common issue that is known to occur when you turn on your computer is that the screen is a muddled mess.  Graphical errors may be common, but the necessary fix isn’t always which is why you should take it into a computer repair store for repair and diagnosis.  Graphic issues are most often associated with software.  If your screen looks distorted and the images are not displaying correctly it is time to take your PC in for diagnosis. 

The technician will run some tests to determine if it is a software issue as sometimes a graphic disruption can involve a video card driver. A computer repair technician will have the capabilities to troubleshoot graphical errors.

Other common computer issues that occur which require a pc technician include blank monitors, operating system errors, virus warnings, and such.  Contact the technical professionals at Creative Programs and Systems for any and all of your computer repair issues

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PC Repair: Is Your Computer Ready for A Trip into The Shop?

Your personal computer contains a great deal of personal and private information.  When it needs to go in for service there can be a great deal of anxiety with leaving it in the hands of a computer repair technician.  Not only will they have access to your password-protected accounts, technicians will be performing complicated procedures that can often include your computers hard drive.  Thus, it is important to take necessary precautions to ensure that your computer and its data are protected before it is services to avoid any unnecessary disasters resulting in lost data.

Preparing Your PC for A Trip into The Computer Repair Shop

  • Store Important Information on The Cloud: Many people cannot live without their personal computers or the information on them, so it is inevitable that you will more likely than not need to access to the info on the PC while it is in for repair. To be able to accomplish this it is vital to add current projects into a folder on the cloud such as Dropbox or OneDrive.  This allows the files to be accessed from another source at any time.
  • Backup: A backup of your PC is always important but never as much as when your computer is going in for repairs, just in case something was to happen that damages the hard drive. This ensures that the data files can be restored, and your computer returned to its original state. When a backup is restored it is important that the original image was not the cause of the initial need for service.
  • Protection of Sensitive Materials: For most of us there is information stored within our PC’s that we don’t want people to see or have access to. Some of this could include bank statements, credit card information, tax forms, or anything that is potentially “embarrassing” to you or those to stumble upon it.  These files should either be removed, after you have securely backed them up to an external source or encrypted.
  • Be Prepared for An Unexpected Diagnosis: Many times, over we self-diagnosis our computer problems without much to go on.   Even after talking with the PC repair technician we often have a false sense of what is wrong based on their best guess given they have yet to dive in to the system for a proper diagnosis.  It is vital to be prepared for a diagnosis that is different than what you had anticipated; also meaning the time frame for fixing said issue could be significantly different.

Often the trip to have your computer worked on will go smoother than anticipated but it is always important to be prepared for the inevitable.

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