As people age, issues with health and mobility can impair everyday life. Independent living at home can be challenging, depending on the situation. Nursing homes or assisted living facilities are not always an option or preferred. Most adults aged 50 and older want to stay in their own homes rather than transfer to a new place; however, most houses need modifications to accommodate them. 

The good news is that several low-cost investments can help older adults remain in their homes. Even small renovations can have a significant impact on ensuring that the home front remains safe for people of all ages.

Stability Bars
Preventing falls is a major priority for seniors, and stability bars are perfect for maintaining balance in the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. 

Increased Lighting
As we age, our vision declines, which could lead to slips, trips, falls, and other accidental injuries. Smart lighting and other technology that allows lightbulbs to turn on automatically or with a mobile button can lead to fewer mishaps.

Shower Seat
Wet, slick surfaces, soap, and more can lead to trouble for older adults. Shower seats are easy to install and allow people to bathe in a seated position instead of standing up, minimizing the risk of slipping and falling. 

Flat Flooring
It might sound obvious, but refinished hardwood floors with a matte appearance can help minimize glare and reduce accidental falls. Depth perception is huge when it comes to aging eyes. Carpeting can also minimize impact. Use non-slip floor mats in high-traffic areas whenever possible.

Secure Fixtures
Keep all loose cords secured and tucked away to minimize the chance of tripping. Ensure all loose handrails or staircase railings are tightened and strong. All rugs should have non-skid pads underneath, and surfaces should be free of clutter so they can be grabbed for stability as necessary.  

More extensive renovations such as widening doorways, adjusting countertops and shelving, and installing a full bathroom on the main level may also be necessary. Assess and plan for your current needs and try to implement scalable solutions, so your home grows with you. And always consult with a recommended professional who can provide you with price and timeline estimates.

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