Medical equipment professionals often debate whether machines are useful past their “expiration” date. Newer radiation therapy equipment is touted to last seven or eight years, noting that it took roughly seven years to design and program before its release, doubling its age instantaneously. Therefore, the technology, software, and knowledge associated with a 14-year-old device is severely outdated. 

However, this thinking is not necessarily true, as there are machines over 20 years old that are operating safely and reliably. In Latin America, a Varian 6X linear accelerator has been treating patients for more than 40 years.

Since 1953, a GE MaximaR 100 X-Ray Device (also known as a Superficial Unit) has been working at a hospital in the United States. For almost 70 years, this unit has helped treat skin cancer patients by producing mild doses of radiation to destroy cancer cells while preserving the surrounding healthy tissue. This machine is still being manufactured for use in dermatology and radiation oncology clinics.

In the Caribbean, a physician at a radiation oncology center said, “Our 2003 Varian 21EX linear accelerator treats over 50 patients per day. It has all the features we want including RapidArc. The 21EX has successfully treated thousands of patients.”

These machines are well-built and are fully capable of lasting longer than seven or eight years. Certain companies purposefully underestimate the life of their linear accelerators to drive sales and increase new model usage. Also, many refurbished linear accelerators use the exact same technology as the current market models. 

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