The Many Reasons Every Business Needs a Mobile App

Mobile apps are becoming more and more of a necessity when it comes to maintain and growing your business.  No matter what you do or how your company interacts with clients a custom designed mobile app will allow you to be more efficient and effective.  Mobile apps are not solely for large, well known companies like Home Depot.  In fact, more now than ever small and mid-sized companies with unique needs are benefiting from custom apps to round out their company’s mobile strategy.

If you are still on the fence on why your business needs a mobile platform and how they can benefit from a custom app this installment should provide a clearer picture to its importance in our ever-changing world of business and customer relations.

Benefits of Custom Mobile Apps

  • Visibility to Customers 24/7

Would you believe it if someone told you that the average American spends more than two hours a day using their mobile device.  Most users only use a handful of apps on their phones however, each time they open an app yours will be right there.  Even if it is unconscious, the image of your app will be there and thus always top of mind.

  • Direct Marketing

Mobile apps function in several ways to assist customers.  From general pricing to account information and more.  The biggest benefit of providing customers with a mobile app is that any information you desire your customers to have at their fingertips from special promotions to sales, it is all there at the touch of a button.

  • Added Value

Another benefit of having a custom mobile app for your company is the added services of value that you can offer to clients that interact with it.  For instance, the app can be designed in a manner that allows customers to collect rewards for interactions, a type of loyalty program.  What results for your companies is that more and more users will want to download your app to achieve rewards thus leading to a higher number of repeat customers.

  • Brand Awareness

Mobile apps can significantly increase the awareness of your brand.  The app is like a walking billboard for your company.  You can change it as often as desired creating a different appeal every day.  The theory of effective frequency states that people seeing or hearing about your company more than 20 times are more likely to recall your information when they need your products or services.

  • Beneficial to Employees

Mobile apps are super useful to your employees as well.   They can be used to complete everyday tasks as well as be a source to relay information easily to one another within your company.  The great thing is that as the wants and needs change for your growing business so can the app.  Mobile apps can be customized to the growing needs of employers leading to a more efficient way to manage employee relationships.

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