Advantages of Professional Lawn Fertilization

One of the best ways to achieve a healthier, greener lawn is to fertilize the grass. While this might sound easy enough, incorrectly fertilizing can wreak havoc on your precious landscape. It is imperative to contact a professional to properly apply fertilizer, which will yield the following: 

While pretty much everyone wants bright and beautiful green grass, the chemicals used in store-bought fertilizers can have the opposite effect. Nitrogen-heavy fertilizer can cause unpleasant patches and burn grass if not applied correctly. Moreover, the ratio of chemicals should be left up to the experts, as they know exactly what type of fertilizer your lawn needs based on a variety of factors.

Everyone knows about dreaded weeds invading prized lawns across the country, yet most people do not treat them properly. With the correct fertilizer, grass can grow thicker and more luscious, blocking sunlight from lower weeds. Moreover, deep grass roots can overcrowd weed roots. Most fertilizers contain a pre-emergent fertilizer, particularly in the early spring mixes, helping the growth process. Professional lawn care specialists know when to apply these fertilizers. 

Lawns need strong, deep roots to absorb nutrients and water from the soil. If roots are underdeveloped or cannot grow properly, the grass will grow thin and frail due to a lack of nutrients. Thankfully, professional lawn fertilization experts are well-versed in root growth and know exactly how much to apply based on the lawn’s specific needs.

Bugs, insects, and other creatures can sense decaying lawns, as they are attracted to thin grass, bare spots, standing water, and more. With help from certain fertilizers, a special chemical deters most pests but can have negative effects if misapplied. Excess nitrogen is a wonderful environment for fleas, ticks, mites, etc.

Just as Mother Nature created most things on our planet, yards and grass live with unique ecosystems susceptible to bacteria, mold, fungus, etc. Lawn disease can result from grass that is thin and weakened by illness. In high-nitrogen lawns, proper fertilization is important, as many fungi thrive in those environments. 


Contact the experts at T&T Property Maintenance to learn more about our commercial property fertilizer service.

T&T Property Maintenance has been visualizing, creating, and maintaining commercial properties since 1997. We offer a vast number of services for our clients, including lawn and landscape maintenance, irrigation set up and repair, fertilization, weed and pest control, snow plowing and salting, and tree trimming and stump grinding. We are licensed with the Michigan Department of Agriculture, so you can rest assured we will do the job right – every time. We work with commercial businesses of any size and offer our services in seasonal or yearly packages, and a la carte. For over 20 years, we believe a satisfied customer is the only kind of customer. Call or e-mail us to learn more.

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Risks of Swimming in Natural Waters

Swimming is a great way to stay fit, as it can alleviate stress and enhance the production of endorphins, resulting in a feeling of well-being. Furthermore, swimming is an effective way to burn calories and work out muscles. Although swimming in a pool can be a hygienic experience, the same cannot be said for outdoor swimming. Continue reading to discover some of the dangers linked with open-water swimming.

Bacteria and Viruses
Open-water swimming is associated with many illnesses due to contamination. Bacteria or viruses can enter a human’s body through the eyes, mouth, or a cut on the skin. Viruses such as E. coli and Norovirus can lurk in natural waters, and rivers or canals might contain leptospira, which causes leptospirosis. If left untreated, leptospirosis can cause liver and kidney damage or eventually be fatal. Flu-like or jaundice symptoms can materialize up to two weeks after swimming in open water. Seawater is known to cause ear, nose, or throat infections and gastrointestinal upset. 

While swimming pools are extremely regulated, natural waters are not. Toxins from nearby farms or industrial areas can contaminate water, and many animals defecate in water. In specific situations, human sewage can be legally dumped into the water through pipes. There might not be signs warning of the potential dangers, but toxic agents can still be lurking in the water. When in doubt, choose to stay on land. 

Blue-green algae can be found in lakes, especially in warm summers. Once the algae start to multiply, a powdery green scum (bloom) forms on the lake’s surface. The scum is known to release toxins that are dangerous to humans and can be lethal to pets. Swimming in algal blooms can result in skin rashes, eye infections, acute gastrointestinal disruption, fever, muscle, and joint pain. 

Nearly all open-water swimming comes with risks, and swimmers should exercise caution when swimming in natural waterways. Always wash your hands before eating food after swimming in natural water, at minimum, and rinse off your entire body if possible. Open-water swimming in lakes, rivers, streams, ponds, and oceans can pose some risks beyond the hidden aspects of bacteria, bugs, parasites, algae, etc. Tides, currents, swells, and waves can be dangerous aspects of swimming in outdoor areas as well. 

Swimming pools are not perfect ecosystems; however, they properly disinfect the water with chlorine and maintain the correct pH to ensure it is safe. Injuries are less likely in pools, as lifeguards and safety equipment are virtually within reach. 


Pound Pool Plastering services residential and commercial pools in applying a wide variety of pool plaster finishes and complete renovations. We offer Diamond Brite, Sunstone, Hydrazzo, and Marcite – and a great selection of tile choices and coping stones. Owner Dale Pound personally oversees each pool project to ensure the highest quality is delivered. Call or e-mail us for a free estimate. 

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J&P Electrical: Our Story

In September 2007, Jim Ozzello and Phil Delavy decided to take their combined 38 years of experience and form J&P Electrical Company. In 2012, Jason Ozzello officially became a co-owner of the company. Since Phil’s retirement, J&P has been a family-owned and operated business; owners Jason and Jim and brothers David and Jacob all work with the company. Travis Hill, our shop manager, has been a member of the company since its inception and is a longtime friend of the Ozzello family. 

Through the years, we have added many family members and friends to our team, resulting in a deep-rooted passion for the well-being of the company and our customers and vendors alike. We are a team at J&P, and we hope it shows in our customer service and products.

Thank you for allowing our family business to be a part of your business. We look forward to hearing from you!


J&P Electrical is a full-service electrical supply company. At J&P, we source contractors, end-users, and supply houses with new surplus, quality reconditioned, and obsolete electrical equipment. We also purchase a wide range of heavy industrial electrical equipment such as bus plugs, bus duct, transformers, circuit breakers, fuses, and switchboards. Call us at 877-844-5514 for assistance.  

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Five Reasons to Hire an Electrician for Solar Panel Maintenance

To lower our carbon footprint, thereby reducing global warming, we need to use less fossil fuels. Thankfully, the sun provides powerful energy that can be harnessed through solar panels. Solar power provides electricity for both businesses- and homeowners alike. Typically, solar panels are installed by experienced electricians and are low maintenance. However, an electrician should perform routine maintenance to ensure the solar panels receive the proper diagnostic tests and are at peak performance. Read on for five reasons electricians are the best bet for solar panel maintenance.  

Complete Diagnostics
Solar panels are composed of a plethora of complex parts, many of which are only recognized by a qualified electrician. By determining the source of any issues and suggesting appropriate solutions for those problems, electricians know the right questions to ask. Electricians should be made aware if the system has ever been serviced before. They can also determine which panels failed or need to be replaced. 

Generally, solar panels cannot electrocute someone simply by touching them, but they can give someone a low-grade burn due to the hot cells. However, malfunctions can cause solar panels to become dangerously electrified. Faulty solar panels can also cause fires. To avoid disastrous situations, it is imperative to have an electrician oversee the solar panel system. 

Optimize Power
Electricians can guide solar panel owners to achieve their financial and environmental goals by providing an estimate of savings. They can also measure the system output, determining daily electronic use. Generally, the evening rate for electricity is lower than the daytime, so an electrician can suggest when the solar panels are at their peak production. If more solar panels are needed, they can install them accordingly. 

Early Identification
Proper maintenance can help avoid future issues, but electrical problems can happen anytime. Experienced electricians can inspect cables, isolators (polarity, tightening, wiring termination, etc.), panels, and inverters. They can also perform a number of system tests to ensure it is functioning properly. Detecting issues early can help save funds and ensure the system works correctly. 

Post-Warranty Repairs
While most solar panels come with a manufacturer warranty, they generally expire at some point. Once the warranty has lapsed, experienced electricians can ensure the system still functions properly by repairing or replacing crucial components such as inverters. 

Solar panels come with many benefits, most notably lowering utility bills. Also, solar panels lend to utilizing clean energy and reducing fossil fuel dependability. To ensure the system is functioning correctly, experienced electricians are the best bet. 


State Electric Company is a leader in the electrification of the nation. Our highly educated and experienced team of professionals uses industry-leading software technology and has partnered with manufacturers to deliver affordable solutions for all your electrical needs. State Electric Co. is also an exclusive distributor for Enel X JuiceBox EV chargers for residential and commercial use. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to install charging stations for homes, offices, hotels, and more. With our extensive knowledge of renewable energy, our team provides customers – large or small – with efficient electrical solutions. Contact us today to learn how we can safely and affordably meet your energy needs. 

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Living Off-Grid Urban Style

Living “off-the-grid” refers to functioning without a controlled electrical power network, either sans electricity all together, or relying on a generator, or creating electricity through alternative sources such as solar and wind. Completely self-sufficient off-grid lifestyles are free from reliance on utilities, food, and housing. Self-sufficiency is crucial to living off the grid, especially during emergencies such as natural disasters or an economic collapse.   

Off-grid lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular as utility, housing, and food costs skyrocket. Generally, those who live off-grid find a large plot of rural land to settle in. Urban off-grid living is possible, despite initial doubts. 

Municipal utilities such as water, natural gas, electricity, sewer, and trash can all be substituted for self-reliability in one way or another. Suburban homesteading is possible…keep reading to learn how.

Living off-grid is easier if you have a home with a yard, so you can grow your own food, collect rainwater, etc. 

To reduce dependence on grocery stores, grow as much food as possible, canning, dehydrating, or freeze-drying whenever possible. Consider using community gardens if you do not have an area for gardening or use pots to plant essentials. You can also plant fruit trees for long-term use. 

Walking or biking can provide excellent exercise and saves money on gas, car maintenance, and insurance. Take advantage of public transportation and combine trips whenever possible.

When water originates from a well or city municipality, conservation is essential. Take short showers or shower at the gym instead. Install water-saving shower heads, faucets, and toilets. Collect rainwater whenever possible. 

Minimizing power usage is crucial for living off-grid, and solar panels are an excellent method to achieve this. Also, try unplugging items that are not currently in use. Turn off lights, hand-wash clothes, and bundle up inside during cold winter months. Use a clothesline to dry clothes whenever possible. Insulate your attic to prevent escaping air. Wash your dishes by hand, close unused air vents, and invest in LED light bulbs. 

Turn your food scraps into garden nutrients by using an indoor composter or creating a system outside. Worm bins are excellent options as well. 

Wolf Survival Gear is a hub for your prepping and survival needs. We are your trusted resource for concerned families, avid hunters, or serious preppers. Make us your one-stop-shop and prepare now, before you need it later. 

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Commercial Printing Industry Outlook

Many question whether physical printing will remain relevant with the ever-growing popularity of digital media and the Internet. Yes, the future will involve printing, but read on to discover why. 

The forecast for the printing industry is positive, with the profit (percentage of sales) remaining steady or increasing annually since the Great Recession ended in June 2009. 

Especially between 2018 and 2019, print markets flourished. In 2020, COVID-19 shutdowns impeded the upward trend, but the industry swiftly rebounded as economies re-opened. In the post-coronavirus era, sectors such as graphics, commercials, packaging, publications, and label printing face marketplace adjustments. 

Commercial printing is entering an era where elite printers will modernize their company’s process and print rooms, paying close attention to customer demands. Local print shops and chains have seen an uptick in revenue as digital printing is on the rise. E-commerce packaging is also continuously gaining momentum, providing an opportunity for advertising without flyers.

Direct mail media is increasingly popular; 43 percent of Americans feel reassured by brand communication. Many local communities are boosted thanks to 56 percent of people wanting to know what the business is doing. Moreover, mailing management accounts for 52.7 percent of a printing company’s time.  

When the coronavirus pandemic hit, the printing sector, among many other industries, took a big hit. Now, commercial printing is thriving again thanks to new opportunities and stand-out businesses that have weathered the storm.

New challenges arise daily, and print marketing is headed in the right direction. Whether you want to attract new customers or reel back your existing ones, contact the experts at Econo Print today. 

At Econo Print, we strive to deliver the highest-quality printed products possible. We produce top-rated goods in a timely fashion at a competitive price. Listening to our clients and helping them achieve their business goals is our top priority. We are proud of the strong roots we’ve built in the community and pride ourselves on using cutting-edge technology. Our products, commitment to service, and level of expertise exceed our clients’ expectations. Contact us today to learn how we can help launch your business to the next level.

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Individualized Cancer Radiotherapy

High-energy radiation is used to destroy cancer cells in radiotherapy, followed by a treatment plan to minimize the effects of radiation on healthy tissues. It is impossible to predict the immediate effects of treatment (including potential side effects) as each individual is different, and cancer treatment varies. 

Associate Professor Teemu Mullyä, from the University of Oulu, Finland, said, “Cancer therapies produce extensive changes in the physiological and morphological properties of tissues, which are also dependent on the individual.” 

At Oulu University Hospital, researchers are working to alter cancer treatment by centering it around the patient. In a study published in the Journal of Biomedical Optics (JBO), they report formulating a method to measure specific patients’ biological responses to therapy, allowing them to assess real-time radiotherapy patient effects. 

Using a functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (fNIRS) device, researchers were able to measure changes in the amount of hemoglobin in the brain while the patient underwent whole-brain radiotherapy using a linear accelerator.

Since hemoglobin levels are a valuable indicator of changes in blood volume and radiotherapy changes blood circulation, fNIRS helps provide insights into the immediate effects of radiation. Blood circulation in the tissues was measured in ten patients via tissue oxygenation. 

Mullyä said, “This is the first time human cerebral hemodynamics and cerebral tissue oxygenation changes have been measured during irradiation in clinical radiotherapy. The instantaneous measurement of tissue oxygenation levels during radiotherapy is especially helpful in cases of tumor hypoxia, which is when the oxygen levels in a tumor are low due to certain conditions. Such tumors are particularly resistant to radiotherapy. By instantly measuring tissue oxygenation levels, our proposed method can be used to assess the effectiveness of cancer treatment. This can eventually enable physicians tailor radiation doses to optimize treatment and improve outcomes for their patients.” 

In the future, the researchers will apply their technique to more patients, helping to advance personalized cancer treatment. 


RadParts, a TTG Imaging Solutions Company, is the world’s largest independent distributor of OEM replacement parts. We specialize in low-cost parts for repairing linear accelerators and radiation equipment. Our mission is to provide high-quality, user-friendly, low-cost components and support for linear accelerators and radiation equipment. Contact RadParts at  877-704-3838 to learn more.

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Novel Glaucoma Treatment Discovered

A new therapeutic method to treat glaucoma has recently been unveiled by Indiana University School of Medicine researchers. 

Glaucoma, a neurodegenerative disease stemming from a damaged optic nerve, causes vision loss and blindness. In the United States, over 200,000 people suffer from glaucoma yearly, though there is no cure. 

The newly-published study was released in Communications Biology and outlined how researchers used neurons found in mitochondria as a steady source of energy, restoring homeostasis in the diseased neurons to protect the optic nerve cells. 

Arupratan Das, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and the principal investigator of the study said, “Age-related neurodegenerative disease, which includes glaucoma, Parkinson’s disease, and Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is the biggest global health problem. The fundamental mechanisms that we discovered can be used to protect neurons in glaucoma and be tested for other diseases. We have identified a critical step of the complex mitochondrial homeostasis process, which rejuvenates the dying neuron, similar to giving a lifeline to a dying person.”

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSCs) from patients with and without glaucoma were used in the study, as well as Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR), which engineered human embryonic stem cells with glaucoma mutation. 

Researchers identified glaucomatous retinal ganglion cells suffering from mitochondrial deficiency (which leads to damage and degeneration) using Stem Cell Differentiated Retinal Ganglion Cells (hRGCs) of the optic nerve, electron microscopy, and metabolic analysis. Mitochondria are the tube-like structures in cells that produce adenosine triphosphate, the cell’s energy source. 

A pharmacological agent could reverse the process, which could enhance mitochondrial biogenesis. Researchers showed retinal ganglion cells as highly efficient in degrading negative mitochondria, producing more to regain homeostasis.

Das said, “Finding that retinal ganglion cells with glaucoma produce more adenosine triphosphate even with less mitochondria was astonishing. However, when triggered to produce more mitochondria, the adenosine triphosphate production load was distributed among more mitochondrion which restored the organelle physiology. It is similar to a situation where a heavy stone is carried by fewer people versus a greater number of people – each person will have less pain and injury, just like each mitochondrion will have less difficulty and damage.” 


Zen Eye Institute, formally Rohr Eye & Laser Center, has served the greater Grand Blanc area for over twenty years. Now operating under Dr. Charles Zenzen, we offer comprehensive medical and surgical eye care treating various conditions and diseases such as cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic eye disease, dry eyes, and more. For exceptional eye care at our state-of-the-art practice, call (810) 579-0202 to make an appointment today! 

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On Trend: Moveable Pool Floors

High-tech trends are everywhere: from smart devices such as cellphones, doorbells, and garage doors, our houses are filled with these technological advancements. Just when you thought it was unlikely our homes could get any smarter, the next automation has been unveiled, poised to take over the smart home industry: moveable pool floors. 

While swimming pools have been around for thousands of years, the innovation that surrounds them has been mediocre at best. Pool heaters, lights, jets, and more have undoubtedly added a luxurious feel, but beyond the basic upgrades, pools have yet to see a significant leap in technological advancements. 

Swimming pools can be under or above ground, but either way, the surface area is exclusively devoted to the pool. Now, a simple patio can give way to a full-size swimming pool. Imagine pressing a button and watching the water flow across the moveable floor as the tiles fade into a tropical blue, and suddenly a pool miraculously appears. 

Moveable pool floors are executed thanks to a multitude of cables, a pulley system, and a water-based hydraulic cylinder. The base has a bearing capacity of over 100 kg per square meter, and buoyancy devices allow the pool floor to float to the surface. All moving parts are concealed in the floor frame, allowing a high level of safety and a pristine appearance.

The pool depth is fully adjustable, and it takes approximately four to five minutes for the space to be transformed into a full-sized swimming pool. 

Some of the benefits associated with moveable pool floors include the following: 

Safety: Water depth can easily be manipulated, decreasing the chances of accidents.

Energy: In a raised position, the moveable pool floor prevents water evaporation, heat loss, and ensures lower heating costs through insulation.

Convenient: Moveable floors are controlled by a button, touch panel, or mobile device.

Sleek: Flexible functionality of space, architectural integrity, and endless customizations are a plus.


Pound Pool Plastering services residential and commercial pools in applying a wide variety of pool plaster finishes and complete renovations. We offer Diamond Brite, Sunstone, Hydrazzo, and Marcite – and a great selection of tile choices and coping stones. Owner Dale Pound personally oversees each pool project to ensure the highest quality is delivered. Call or e-mail us for a free estimate. 

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Types of Construction Bonds

The industry offers a large variety of surety bonds, which are required to bid or work on all public works projects, private construction, remodeling, and new construction.

The different types of surety bonds include bid bonds, performance (contract) bonds, and payment bonds. These bonds offer protection for the project owner, taxpayers, investors, etc., associated with private projects. Typically, projects need all three bonds.

Bid Bonds
These bonds guarantee that the contractor will accept a job if they win the bid. They are required by federal law on all projects over $100,000. State-sponsored public work projects also usually require bid bonds. If the winning contractor decides not to accept the job, the project owner is able to submit a claim to cover costs linked to evaluating new contractor bonds. 

Performance Bonds
Sometimes called contract bonds, they guarantee that the contractor will fulfill the entire project, abiding by laws and industry standards. If they fail to do so, the project owner can file a claim to recover any financial loss resulting from another contractor re-doing the work. 

Payment Bonds
These bonds guarantee that the contractor will pay if the work is not completed in accordance with the terms of the contract by the workers, subcontractors, or suppliers. A claim by any of the aforementioned parties can result if the contractor fails to remit payment. 

Contractor License Bonds
The only type of construction bond that is not project-specific; they don’t apply to a single project. These bonds guarantee that the contractor will conduct business in a lawful and ethical manner, meeting industry standards. Some states require all contractors to be licensed at the state level to operate legally. 

In terms of cost, the contractor usually pays only a small percentage of the required bond amount established by the project owner or licensing authority. A surety bond company establishes a premium rate for each applicant based on their personal credit score, industry experience, and personal/business financial statements. Those in good standing usually pay one- to three percent of the total bond amount as an annual premium. 

Construction Bonding Specialists is a leader in obtaining construction surety bonds. We can assist you in winning more jobs through bond terms. Contact us today to learn more. 

At Construction Bonding Specialists, we work with new and experienced contractors to find the most satisfactory bond solutions. As a distinct surety-bond-only agency with decades of bonding experience, we work to discover surety solutions for all types of cases ranging from ordinary to challenging. Call us at 248-349-6227 to learn more.

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